Sentence Examples

  • Sounded like you were rearranging furniture.
  • By this Hamburg was to enter the Zoilverein; a part of the harbour was to remain a free port, and the empire contributed two million pounds towards rearranging and enlarging the harbour.
  • Rearranging the terms, and dividing throughout by 0, we obtain an equation of the form R log ep= A - B/D - (s' - So)loge0+(c - b)p/D+(dh/D - d4)) (44) in which B=B" - B', and A = A'+s' - So.
  • The original manuscript was long in the possession of Temple Franklin, who spent years rearranging the matter in it and making over into politer English his grandfather's plain-spokenness.
  • He issued another collection of his poems, Heartsease and Rue, in 1888, and occupied himself with revising and rearranging his works, which were published in ten volumes in 1890.