Sentence Examples

  • There are many short streams along this coast, fed by heavy rainfalls, but they have no geographic importance and no economic value under existing conditions.
  • A uniformly high temperature, excessive humidity, heavy rainfalls and violent tropical storms, known as typhoons or baguios, are characteristic of the Philippine climate.
  • The north-west counties are extremely wet; many localities here have normal rainfalls of 60-70 in.
  • Symons, F.R.S., of the Meteorological Office and of the Royal Meteorological Society, has resulted in the establishment of a vast number of raingauges in different parts of the United Kingdom, and it is generally, though not always, found that the mean rainfall over a long period can be determined, for an area upon which the actual fall is known only for a short period, by assigning to the missing years of the shortperiod gauges, rainfalls bearing the same proportion to those of corresponding years in the long-period gauges that the rainfalls of the known years in the short-period gauges bear to those of corresponding years in the long-period gauges.
  • The most trying time-distribution of which the author has had experience in the United Kingdom, or which he has been able to discover from a comparison of rainfalls upon nearly impermeable areas exceeding woo acres, is graphically represented by the thick irregular line in the left-hand half of fig.

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