Sentence Examples

  • These two potentates raided for slaves to the borders of the rivers and openly threatened the British position on the Niger.
  • After her death the caliph was in the power of various ministers, under whose management of affairs Syria was for a time lost to the Egyptian caliphate, and Egypt itself raided by the Syrian usurpers, of whom one, Salil~ b.
  • At the same time Egypt was invaded by the Franks, who raided and did much damage on the coast.
  • 266 the town was suddenly raided by the Persians, who slew many in the theatre.
  • In the following year James was in correspondence with Perkin, then in Ireland; in 1495 he received that pretendant, married him to a daughter of Huntly, and in 1496 raided northern England in his company, - all this in contempt of the offered hand of a Tudor princess.