Sentence Examples

  • It is fallen man whom he pursues with his fierce scorn; his view of man's nature - intellect as well as character - is to be read in the light of his unflinching Augustinianism.
  • Of its course winds among the Mandla hills, which form the head of the Satpura range; then at Jubbulpore, passing through the "Marble Rocks," it enters its proper valley between the Vindhyan and Satpura ranges, and pursues a direct westerly course to the Gulf of Cambay.
  • Above sea-level; the surface has, however, been cut deeply by the Cuyahoga, which here pursues a meandering course through a valley about m.
  • The Rhine now pursues a westerly course almost parallel with that of the Waal.
  • The Dniester, which, like the Danube, flows into the Black Sea, has its source in the Carpathians in Eastern Galicia, and pursues a very winding course towards the south-east, passing into Russia.