Sentence Examples

  • But Bestuzhev succeeded, at last, in convincing the empress that Chetardie was an impudent intriguer, and on the 6th of June 174.4, that diplomatist was ordered to quit Russia within twenty-four hours.
  • As the duke had set out to meet Mary, Cecil became the most active intriguer against him, and to these efforts, of which he laid a full account before Queen Mary, he mainly owed his immunity.
  • There can be no doubt that he was a busy intriguer, or that the king, acting on the then very generally accepted doctrine that the sovereign has a right to act for the public interest without regard to forms of law, gave orders to Antonio Perez that he was to be put out of the way.
  • Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, an aged intriguer, conceived discontent against the government for the loss of his independent company, and began to intrigue Bonny ' 'Prince with France and with James in Rome.
  • His enemies denounced him as a pretender, a selfish intriguer, and an abandoned profligate; his supporters placed him among the sages and sometimes even among the saints.