Sentence Examples

  • This tribe may legally marry within the totem, but always avoids such unions.
  • Somewhat curiously, but very naturally, Enoch the son of Cain is confused with the Enoch who was translated to heaven - an error which the author of the Old English Genesis avoids, though (according to the existing text) he confounds the names of Enoch and Enos.
  • The present caravan road keeps the high ground to the west near the watershed, and avoids the Pass of Michmash altogether.
  • No one proofed the report before it was distributed, so nobody noticed the repetition of the two paragraphs.
  • At the same time, true: to the hypothesis of " immanence," he rigidly confines these categories to the given data, and altogether avoids the inconsistent tendency of Kant to transfer causality from a necessary relation between phenomena to a neces-' sary relation between phenomena and things in themselves as their causes.