Sentence Examples

  • At the same time, true: to the hypothesis of " immanence," he rigidly confines these categories to the given data, and altogether avoids the inconsistent tendency of Kant to transfer causality from a necessary relation between phenomena to a neces-' sary relation between phenomena and things in themselves as their causes.
  • The eschatology of the New Testament attaches itself not only to that of the Old Testament but also to that of contemporary Judaism, but it avoids the extravagances of the latter.
  • The advantage of the " reversing " system is that it avoids lifting the piece from below to above the middle roll, and again lowering it, which is rather difficult because the white-hot piece cannot be guided directly by hand, but must be moved by means of hooks, tongs, or even complex mechanism.
  • On the other side the road avoids the old path through the dreaded Cardinello gorge (here passed Macdonald's army in December, 1800) in order to descend by zigzags to Pianazzo.
  • This avoids the very uncertain correction for stem-exposure, but it is doubtful how far Cast-iron, k = o 1490 C.G.S.