Sentence Examples

  • More than one-fourth of the value of its manufactures is in Quaker Oats and other food preparations; among those of less importance are lumber and planing-mill products, foundry and machineshop products, furniture, patent medicines, pumps, carriages and waggons, packed meats and agricultural implements.
  • The water was rising so rapidly in the hold that with four pumps constantly going the crew could hardly keep it in check.
  • Electrically driven pumps, now widely used, are convenient and economical.
  • He was lounging against the building, far away from the pumps, smoking a cigarette.
  • The heart c lying in the pericardium is seen in close proximity to the renal organ, and consists of a single auricle receiving blood from the gill, and of a single ventricle which pumps it through the body by an anterior and posterior aorta.