Sentence Examples

  • Questions could be based on historical events, trivia, etc. Instructions could be statements like, "Do five jumping jacks with your eyes crossed" or "Walk around the room like an elephant".
  • He entered at once into commercial life in Glasgow, and became a member of a kinsman's firm, William Kidston & Sons, iron merchants, subsequently joining William Jacks & Co., iron merchants.
  • 2), two jacks are laid at the far end of the green 12 ft.
  • This board was equipped with spring-jacks and annunciators (calling-drops) for the subscribers' lines, and with flexible cords terminating in plugs for connecting purposes.
  • All the subscribers' lines are connected in order to jacks on the first two or three or four operators' positions, and these connexions are repeated or " multipled " upon each succeeding similar group of positions.