Sentence Examples

  • It is essentially woman's work, though among the Pueblos, strangely enough, men are weavers.
  • The archaeologist recovers his specimens from waste places, cave deposits, abandoned villages, caches, shell-heaps, refuse-heaps, enclosures, mounds, hut rings, earthworks, garden beds, quarries� and workshops, petroglyphs, trails, graves and cemeteries, cliff and cavate dwellings, ancient pueblos, ruined stone dwellings, forts and temples, canals or reservoirs.
  • Cavate houses, pueblos and casas are all brought into a series without a break by Bandelier, Cushing, Fewkes, Holmes, Hough,, FIG.
  • The provinces were subdivided into pueblos, each under a native gobernadorcillo, elected annually.
  • Within Colorado there are pueblos and cave dwellings commemorative of the Indian period and culture of the southwest.