Sentence Examples

  • The Taos is a good casual shoe that will take you anywhere.
  • The two were married in Taos, New Mexico in July 2002.
  • Still it remains true that the exclusive use of the argument from Mosaism, as itself implying the Gospel of Jesus the Christ as final cause (Taos), does favour the view that the readers were of Jewish origin.
  • In 1854 he became Indian agent at Taos, New Mexico, in which position, through his knowledge of the Indian traits and language, he was able to exercise for many years a restraining influence over the warlike Apaches and other tribes.
  • The exposition of faith ("EKO&rts Tns wiz-Taos), called forth by the demand of Theodosius, is still extant, and has been edited by Valesius in his notes to Socrates, and by Ch.