Sentence Examples

  • The westward-flowing streams - the San Juan, Rio Puerco of the West, Zuni, Rio San Francisco and Gila - are of only slight importance, though their flow is perennial.
  • (Philadelphia, 1822-1890); The American Race (New York, 1891); Gustav Bruhl, Die Culturvolker Amerikas (Cincinnati, 1889); Desire Charnay, The Ancient Cities of the New World (New York, 1887); Frank Cushing, Zuni Folk Tales (New York, 1901); William H.
  • The timber used, chiefly white pine, is obtained from the Zuni mountains.
  • In 1908 an irrigation reservoir in McKinley county for the use of the Zuni Indians and the Leasburg project (Dona Ana county; 20,000 acres) were completed.
  • They lived in 19 villages of pueblos, the largest of which, Zuni, is more properly called a reservation, as it has been enlarged from time to time by grants from the Federal government.