Sentence Examples

  • A notable example is the mesa of Acoma, in Valencia county, capped with volcanic rocks; upon its summit, about 350 ft.
  • Zuni (pop. 1525) has a five-storeyed dwelling surrounded by detached huts; Acoma (pop. 492 in 1900; 566 in 1902), standing on a cliff 357 ft.
  • High (Acoma means " people of the white rock " and Aco, the Indian name for the pueblo, means " white rock "), contains three blocks of three-storeyed terraced buildings,' and Laguna also contains some three-storeyed 1 About 3 m.
  • Of Acoma stands the Enchanted Mesa (Mesa Encantada; Katzimo in Keresan), rising 430 ft.
  • Upon its summit, according to Indian tradition, once stood the village of Acoma, but while the inhabitants were tending their crops in the plains a powerful earth movement threw down the rocky ladder by which alone the summit could be reached.