Sentence Examples

  • Res Judicatae in 1892 and various other volumes followed, for he was in request among publishers and editors, and his easy charm of style and acute grasp of interesting detail gave him a front place among contemporary men of letters.
  • This work was completed about 1630, and was offered in vain by the author to all the publishers in Venice.
  • His Morgenstunden appeared in 1785, and he died as the result of a cold contracted while carrying to his publishers in 1786 the manuscript of a vindication of his friend Lessing, who had predeceased him by five years.
  • His petition to the king for a trial by his peers on this indictment was refused, and an attempt to prosecute the publishers of the false evidence in the king's bench was unsuccessful.
  • Among more recent Dutch map publishers are Nicolaus Vischer (Piscator), R.