Sentence Examples

  • LEROY - BEAULIEU, HENRI JEAN BAPTISTE Anatole (1842-), French publicist, was born at Lisieux, on the 12th of February 1842.
  • SIR JAMES MACKINTOSH (1765-1832), Scottish publicist, was born at Aldourie, 7 m.
  • CHRISTIAN THOMASIUS (1655-1728), German jurist and publicist, was born at Leipzig on the 1st of January 1655, and was educated by his father, Jakob Thomasius (1622-1684), at that Lime head master of the Thomasschule.
  • The publicist Charles Joseph Panckoucke (1736-1798), owner of the Mercure de France and publisher of the famous Encyclopedie (1781), persuaded him to merge this in a larger paper, the Moniteur universel, which gained a wide repute for correctness and impartiality.
  • This latter, the last of Gentz's works as an independent publicist, was a masterly expose of the actual political situation, and at the same time prophetic in its suggestions as to how this should be retrieved: "Through Germany Europe has perished, through Germany it must rise again."