Sentence Examples

  • The melodic sweetness of this song fit right into the boys from Liverpool's early sound when they were more of a pop band than the experimental psychedelic studio sensation they became in the late 1960s.
  • Directed by Peter Hyams, it starred Roy Schieder of Jaws fame, and (fortunately, in this viewer's opinion) lost much of the psychedelic mystical overtones that hampered the original movie.
  • They carry all kinds of unique items like "Chucky" dolls, dragon and gargoyle fountains and goblets, vintage style t-shirts with famous rock bands and celebrities, psychedelic lava lamps, incense, and sexy, fun items.
  • Later records like Physical Graffiti and In Through the Out Door saw the band dabbling in keyboards, psychedelic textures and dance grooves that borrowed from reggae and disco.
  • The arresting office noted a strange odor in the air which lead to the search and discover of 1 ½ pounds of marijuana and a small bag of psychedelic mushrooms.