Sentence Examples

  • Archelaus, Herod's successor, had far less authority than Herod, and the real power of government at Jerusalem was assumed by the Roman procurators, in the time of one of whom, Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ was condemned to death and crucified outside Jerusalem.
  • Cuspius Fadus, the first of these procurators, purged the land of bandits.
  • - Meanwhile the procurators who succeeded Felix - Porcius Festus (60-62), Albinus (62-64) and Gessius Florus (64-66) - had in their several ways brought the bulk of the nation into line with the more violent of the Jews of Caesarea.
  • Lastly, the square was extended southwards in the 16th century, when the new palace of the procurators, K, was built by Scamozzi.
  • At Z is the treasury of St Mark, which was originally one of the towers belonging to the old ducal palace; E, site of old houses; G, clocktower; H, old palace of procurators; J, old library; M, two columns; N, Ponte della Paglia; 0, Bridge of Sighs; W, Giants' Staircase; X, sacristy of St Mark; Y, Piazzetta.