Sentence Examples

  • It is extremely hard to draw any fixed line in Egypt between magic and medicine; but it is curious to note that simple diagnoses and prescriptions were employed for the more curable diseases, while magical formulae and amulets are reserved for those that are harder to cope with, such as the bites of snakes and the stings of scorpions.
  • She attached the prescriptions to the fridge with another cartoon magnet and smoothed out the paperwork she'd been given from the police station.
  • Physicians to this day head their prescriptions with a sign that originally meant an invocation to Jupiter, but now represents the word recipe.
  • These monitions and prescriptions are rapidly becoming a deadletter, but they possess a certain historical interest.
  • The name, as has been pointed out above, is derived from the Persian mumiai, meaning pitch or asphalt, which substance occurs frequently in the prescriptions of the Greek and Roman medical writers.