Sentence Examples

  • It ought to be premised that the poetry of the old school is greatly superior to the prose.
  • Thus much premised, it becomes possible to speak in detail of the various wares for which Japan became famous.
  • And here it must be premised that, intimately as the conception of salvation is bound up with the Gnostic religion, the idea of salvation accomplished in a definite historical moment to a certain extent remained foreign to it.
  • The compounds formed in the first case, which may be either definite chemical compounds or solid solutions, are discussed under Alloys; in this place only combinations with non-metals are discussed, it being premised that the free metal takes part in the reaction.
  • It must be premised that, in order to render the Christian Socialist or Lueger party the strongest group in parliament, an amalgamation was effected between them and the conservative Catholic party: German Conservatives Christian Socialists .