Sentence Examples

  • A isse et le Chevalier d'Aydie (Macon, 1900); and notices prefixed to the editions of 1846 and 1873.
  • Dilke, by his grandson Sir Charles Dilke, prefixed to Papers of a Critic; and M.
  • In a well-known note to Charles Leopold Laurillard's Eloge, prefixed to the last edition of the Ossemens fossiles, the " radical de l'etre " is much the same thing as Aristotle's " particula genitalis " and Harvey's " ovum."
  • Rigg, prefixed to the reprint of More's Life in the "Tudor Library" (London, 1890).
  • In 1617 Napier published his Rabdologia, 4 a duodecimo of one hundred and fifty-four pages; there is prefixed to it as preface a dedicatory epistle to the high chancellor of Scotland.