Sentence Examples

  • Its systematic name is formed by replacing the last syllable of the electro-negative element by ide and prefixing the name of the other element.
  • If more than one compound be formed from the same two elements,, the difference is shown by prefixing such words as mono-, di-, tri-, sesqui-, per-, sub-, &c., to the last part of the name, or the suffixes -ous and -ic may be appended to the name of the first element.
  • On the other hand, practically the whole of Jude is taken up into 2 Pet., the author merely avoiding, so far as he discovers them, the quotations from apocryphal writings, and prefixing and affixing sections of his own to refute the heretical eschatology.
  • Up to the 9th century, and as this is insufficient, the available numbers are increased by prefixing a o, and reckoning a second hundred from or to 099; loon to 1099 are MSS.
  • Of the 1 1th century, 200-2 99 of the 12th century, and so on; as this is insufficient, the range of numbers is increased by prefixing a 1, and so obtaining another hundred, e.g.