Sentence Examples

  • It is difficult to quantify how many people are involved in social networking across all the different sites, but some estimates say that two thirds of all web users will visit a social networking site at least once a month.
  • As part of his work at Duke, Rhine and his wife Louisa created a scientific structure around the emerging field of parapsychology and attempted to quantify psi or psychic abilities.
  • In the TSB test, spectrophotometry is used to identify and quantify the amount of bilirubin in a specific amount of serum by measuring the amount of ultraviolet light absorbed by bilirubin pigment in the sample.
  • Researchers did quantify, however, that 9 percent fewer breast cancers occurred in the low-fat diet group, although diet was not determined to be the sole reason.
  • With the advent of 'binge drinking', for many who socialize on a regular basis it is almost impossible to quantify the amount of alcohol being taken in a week.