Sentence Examples

  • Things are substances (oioiam), each of which is separate individual (Xcopu rTOv, TO& TL, Kae' 'KaQTov) and is variously affected as quantified, qualified, related, active, passive and so forth, in categories of things which are attributes (ovy13€07paiTa), different from the category of substance, but real only as predicates belonging to some substance, and are in fact only the substance itself affected (avr6 it€irovObs).
  • In this paper the principle of the quantified predicate was referred to, and there immediately ensued a memorable controversy with Sir W.
  • In judgments, and therefore in propositions, indefinite predicates are the rule, quantified predicates the exception.
  • Consequently, A E I 0 are the normal propositions with indefinite predicates; whereas propositions with quantified predicates are only occasional forms, which we should use whenever we require to think the quantity of the predicate, e.g.
  • (t) in conversion, when we must think that all men are some animals, in order to judge that some animals are men; (2) in syllogisms of the 3rd figure, when the predicate of the minor premise must be particularly quantified in thought in order to become the particularly quantified subject of the conclusion; (3) in identical propositions including definitions, where we must think both that i -{- i are 2 and 2 are z -}- r.