Sentence Examples

  • Suppose we wish to find the coefficient of (52413) in the product (20(2' 4)(0).
  • By the x process of Aronhold we can form the invariant S for the cubic ay+XH:, and then the coefficient of X is the second invariant T.
  • Arrhenius has pointed out that the coefficient of affinity of an acid is proportional to its electrolytic ionization.
  • We may, by a well-known theorem, write the result as a coefficient of z w in the expansion of 1 - z n+1.
  • The coefficient K/(i +171-K) is positive for ferromagnetic and paramagnetic substances, which will therefore tend to move from weaker to stronger parts of the field; for all known diamagnetic substances it is negative, and these will tend to move from stronger to weaker parts.