Sentence Examples

  • In matters of religion she at first tried to hold the balance between the Catholic and Protestant factions and allowed the Presbyterian preachers the practice of their religion so long as they refrained from public preachings in Edinburgh and Leith.
  • His preachings attracted slight attention there, no one - as he later remarked - R being a prophet in his own land.
  • Waitz, Harnack) infer the existence of at least one source, "Preachings (Kerygmata) of Peter," containing no reference at all to Clement.
  • It was, then, to these "Preachings of Peter" that the most Ebionite features, and especially the anti-Pauline allusions under the guise of Simon still inhering in the Periodoi (as implied by Homilies in particular), originally belonged.
  • A probable date for the "Preachings" used in the Periodoi is c. 200.2 1 While Hort and Waitz say c. 200, Harnack says c. 260.