Sentence Examples

  • John Wilbur, a minister of New England, headed a party of protest against the new evangelicalism, laying extreme stress on the " Inward Light "; the result was a further separation of " Wilburites " or " the smaller body," who, like the " Hicksites," have a separate independent organization of their own.
  • The new activity which sprang up everywhere after the French Revolution produced in Scotland a revival of Evangelicalism which has not yet spent its force.
  • The doctrine of Atonement, destined to be the focus of Protestant evangelicalism, has remained undefined in Catholic circles,' an implicate or presupposition, but no part of the explicit and authorized creeds.
  • Even in our own time, popular Protestant evangelicalism joins with the newer emphasis upon conversion the two great early Protestant appeals - to Atonement and to infallible Scripture.
  • Orthodox evangelicalism is tempted to view it as an apostasy or an aberration.