Sentence Examples

  • Released in October 1993, this sytem made use of CD-ROM media, offering much more storage capacity than the then-current Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but could it keep up with the powerhouse PlayStation the following year?
  • Damon had appeared in eleven other films before winning his first Oscar, but it was his role as a heroin addict veteran in 1996's Courage Under Fire that won him the respect and admiration of many powerhouse actors.
  • Each process does leech some nutrients, but the beet is a veritable nutritional powerhouse to begin with, so a certain degree of deterioration doesn't negate the vegetable's positive properties.
  • Though we tend to associate the dresses of the '80s with powerhouse shoulder pads and an excess of ruffles, there were other styles that were especially popular when temperatures would rise.
  • In 1979, China instituted a number of economic reforms that transformed the country from an ineffectual developing country whose economic structure was inefficient and largely agricultural-based to a relative industrialized powerhouse.