Sentence Examples

  • Snowman Poop: Add a clip art image of a snowman and a tag that says "Snowman Poop" to a bag of mini marshmallows for a gift that's sure to be a hit with young children.
  • Once your child has successfully used the potty, you and she can look at her pee pee or poop and talk about what she has just accomplished.
  • All traces of pee and poop need to be washed off, and if blood or discharge is noticed, the nursing team must be notified as this may signify infection.
  • This type of children's potty training aid is essentially a small child-sized potty, where the toddler will pee and poop into a bowl that is then emptied into the real toilet.
  • In ancient times there were a number of repulsive home remedies for tattoo removal including wearing a paste of pigeon poop and vinegar, or rubbing the skin with coarse salt until both the flesh and most of the ink was scraped away.