Sentence Examples

  • The change was impeded by the lack of order in the polymer chains.
  • Then give them the components that will make that new creation come to life, such as polymer clay to make board game pieces, parts and accessories for the toy, or a paper making kit to use as their book.
  • It is readily transformed into a solid polymer, probably (CH 2: NOH)3.
  • Heated above its melting point it polymerizes to di-cyandiamide (CN2H2)2, which at 150° C. is transformed into the polymer n-tri-cyantriamide or melamine (CN 2 H 2) 3, the mass solidifying.
  • Both these compounds on heating give phosphomonamide, PON, of which a polymer (PON) 2 had been described by Oddo (Gazz.