Sentence Examples

  • Polymeric biguanides contain no chlorine, but because they are completely incompatible with chlorine, you'll need to go through the extra work of removing all traces of chlorine from your pool.
  • The material used for manufacturing contact lenses is a special type of polymeric material.
  • Acetaldoxime, CH 3 CH: NOH, crystallizes in needles which melt at 47° C. On continued fusion the melting point gradually sinks to about 13° C., probably owing to conversion into a polymeric form.
  • The effect of chemical agents in producing coagulation are in consonance with what is known of other instances of polymeric or condensation changes, whilst the fact that the collection of globules separated by creaming after thorough washing, and therefore removal of all proteid, is susceptible of solidification into caoutchouc by a merely mechanical act such as churning, strongly supports the view that the character of the change is distinct from that of any alteration which may occur in the proteid constituents of the latex.
  • Although the acid is monobasic, salts of polymeric forms exist of the types (MP0 3) n, where n may be 1, 2, 3, 4, 6.