Sentence Examples

  • Two distinct forms of the Arthropod eye are observed - the monomeniscous (simple) and the polymeniscous (compound).
  • On the other hand, the polymeniscous eye undergoes special elaboration on its lines.
  • But they seem to point to a community of origin of Hexapods and Crustacea in regard to the complicated ommatidia of the compound eye, and to a certain isolation of the Arachnida, which are, however, traceable, so far as the eyes are concerned, to a distant common origin with Crustacea and Hexapoda through the very simple compound eyes (monostichous, polymeniscous) of Limulus.
  • The lateral eyes of Crustacea are polymeniscous, with highly specialized retinulae like those of Hexapoda, and unlike the simpler compound lateral eyes of lower Arachnida.
  • The later eyes are polymeniscous, with specialized vitrellae and retinulae of a definite type peculiar to this grade.