Sentence Examples

  • The ancient ritual of the Pax has become almost obsolete.
  • Under the Pax Romana the Cretan cities again enjoyed a large measure of prosperity, illustrated by numerous edifices still existing at the time of the Venetian occupation.
  • Lowe was delighted with this, and promptly translated it into Latin, as follows: "Centinentur hac in fossa Humilis Roberti ossa; Si ad coelum evolabit, Pax in coelo non restabit; Sin in inferis jacebit, Diabolum ejus poenitebit."
  • Ii have given rise to a new name for the peace, the pax Dei, or peace of God.
  • When the treuga Dei reached its most extended form, scarcely one-fourth of the year remained for fighting, and even then the older canons relating to the pax ecclesiae remained in force.