Sentence Examples

  • It's like a chess game, and the humans are pawns to be used and destroyed, he explained.
  • The pawns slowly acquired reason, and then would be able to regulate the moves themselves.
  • Utterly unscrupulous, and without a trace of pity, he treated men like pawns, and was content only with absolute obedience.
  • The latter's elaborate plans go on the supposition that great masses of men, women and children could be moved about over the desert as easily as pawns on a chess-board; but even the greatest military leader the world has seen would have been unable to preserve such complicated formations amid the difficulties inevitable on a desert march; and the more carefully an intelligent reader has studied the details of P's plan, the more astonished will he be to read the statement in x.
  • Then in 1579 the council decided to arrest Claud and his brother John (afterwards 1st marquess of Hamilton) and to punish them for their past misdeeds; but the brothers escaped to England, where Elizabeth used them as pawns in the diplomatic game, and later Claud lived for a short time in France.