Sentence Examples

  • If you'd love to bring a smile to the faces of the youngsters in your life, whether they are chronologically children or just kids at heart, you may want to consider giving a Disney gift card for the next special occasion that pops up.
  • Other moves range from very simple ones like the Quick Step (basically stepping forward twice with each foot, then once, then doing a 90 degree turn to the left) to the more complex moves like Arm Isolations and Chest Pops.
  • You then put in the search terms and pick the range of dates you'd like to examine, as well as any other particular criteria such as image searches, areas of interest, etc. The data that pops up can be used in many ways.
  • If you're wearing a black blazer with black pants, add pops of color in other places such as a camisole, a scarf knotted around your neck, earrings, etc. Otherwise, the black blazer and pants combo looks too severe.
  • You're Mama's mate.  Do you like Pops better?