Parochial Definition

Of, relating to, supported by, or located in a parish.
American Heritage
Of or in a parish or parishes.
Webster's New World
Of or relating to parochial schools.
American Heritage
Restricted to a small area or scope; narrow; limited; provincial.
A parochial outlook.
Webster's New World
The definition of parochial is something related to a church or someone who has a narrow or simplistic view on life.
An example of parochial is the type of education received from a catholic school.
An example of parochial is someone who has never been outside of his town and who adheres strictly to his small town values and religious values.

Origin of Parochial

  • From Anglo-Norman parochial and its source Late Latin parochialis, an alteration of paroecialis (“of a church province"), from paroecia, from Hellenistic Greek παροικία (paroikia, “stay in a foreign land") , later “community, diocese", from Ancient Greek πάροικος (paroikos, “neighbouring, neighbour"), from παρα- (para-) + οἶκος (oikos, “house").

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English from Old French from Late Latin parochiālis from parochia diocese parish

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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