Sentence Examples

  • When Leah from Alabama tries to keep her football fiance and her grandmother (who is helping to pay for the dress) happy, the crew of the shop must "cleanse" Grandma's palette before saying yes to the gorgeous dress.
  • Since fall is a time of transition from the blazing summer months to the icy winter ones, it's easy to incorporate colors from each season into your palette, creating a beautiful blend of muted earth tones and bright flashes of color.
  • Encore Groove Wool: Slightly dressier than the average clog, this easy slip-on shoe boasts a two-tone color palette that's decorated with a supportive strap on top (which keeps the shoe just a bit more snug on the foot).
  • Whether you're seeking a new dramatic makeup style, or just want to explore a richer, jeweled color palette, saturated and warm red tones such as maroon can be easy to pull off if you have the right skin tone and application techniques.
  • Medium and fair skinned women can pair maroon shadow with a bisque highlighter and soften the look with a sheer plum or rosy gloss , or combine the look with a berry or deep pink lipstick to create a tone on tone mauve palette.