Sentence Examples

  • In wet seasons it overflows its banks and becomes greatly extended in area, discharging its surplus waters into the San Joaquin; but in dry seasons the evaporation is so great that there is no such discharge.
  • In Alemtejo the climate is very unfavourable, and, though the heat is not so great as in Algarve (where Lagos has a mean of 63°), the country has a more deserted appearance; while in winter when the Tagus overflows, unhealthy swamps are left.
  • With the exception of a few flat ridges running from north to south, it is so low that it requires, to protect it from overflows, an unbroken line of levees averaging 15 ft.
  • The most fertile soil is the alluvium of the' Delta, deposited during the overflows of the Mississippi.
  • The two first explain themselves; Nili is the season in which the Nile overflows its banks.