Sentence Examples

  • The show was to follow the tried and true VH1 dating show format, but the drama off screen outdid the onscreen antics when one of the contestants was accused in a real life murder case, causing VH1 to pull the show after three episodes.
  • Finally, I couldn't end without saying that they really outdid themselves with this one (probably because of how poor Tekken 4 was compared to what it could have been).
  • It is said that when he preached in the Dominican church of Metz, the bells were rung to drown his voice, but his voice outdid the bells, and on the next occasion he had three thousand hearers.
  • His triumph outdid in splendour all those that went before it.
  • At the same time a new enemy arose in the Illyrian pirate fleets, which outdid them in unscrupulousness and violence.