Sentence Examples

  • 635), it was still an opulent city and yielded a rich booty.
  • It was the kind of place his brothers would love: opulent and openly displaying signs of wealth.
  • The robed man led her into the fortress and wound his way through bright intersections, down stairs, and into a more opulent part of the building.
  • They strode through the opulent mansion down a stairwell spilling into sunlight and swaths of green grass at the side of the main house.
  • The popular agitators, headed by Samuel Adams - with whom John Hancock, an opulent merchant and one of the few of the richer people who deserted the crown, leagued himself - forced on the movement, which became war in April 1775, when Gage sent an expedition to Concord and Lexington to destroy military stores accumulated by the patriots and to capture Adams and Hancock, temporarily staying at Lexington.