Sentence Examples

  • The play really worked with the natural elements of the Magdalen College school grounds to realize the potential of open-air theater.
  • The website,, offers a comprehensive salon locator, and many Regis salons are located in malls, grocery centers (Regis is the largest chain associated with WalMart), and open-air shopping pavilions.
  • Perpetual Carnations In The Open Air - For open-air gardening these have the decided advantage of continuous flowering over the border types of Carnations, and for bedding out are increasing in popularity.
  • This mega luxury liner features its own huge casino, a 750-seat Greek-style amphitheatre, an ice rink, a shopping mall, a 1,300-seat indoor theatre and an open-air park.
  • If you live in an area that sees little rain and do not need to have a tent as backup, you can still make the reception area stunning in an open-air setting.