Sentence Examples

  • If you decide to renew your wedding vows during an anniversary cruise onboard Royal Caribbean, keep in mind that the ceremony is not legal and couples with different last names will be required to show proof of marriage.
  • Holland America Cruise Line offers the most extensive selection of Alaska options, with more than two dozen tours ranging from eleven to nineteen total days, including the time spent onboard the ship (typically seven days).
  • Because there is no waiting period for marriages in Hawaii, couples can dock, arrange for their marriage license, enjoy a beautiful tropical ceremony, take photographs, and be back onboard the cruise ship before the sailing deadline.
  • In addition, if you or your beloved suffers from a compromised immune system or other health conditions, you might consider taking a shorter voyage, as most cruise companies do not staff top-rated doctors onboard their smaller river boats.
  • Complete with food, drink, dancing, cabin accommodations, and often dozens of onboard activities to choose, from yoga classes to Las Vegas style shows to pools and waterslides, cruises are some of the most popular options for newlyweds.