Sentence Examples

  • Ohm verified his law by the aid of thermo-electric piles as sources of electromotive force, and Davy, C. S.
  • He followed up the early work of the British Association Committee on electrical units by a fresh determination of the ohm in absolute measure, and in conjunction with other work on the electrochemical equivalent of silver and the absolute electromotive force of the Clark cell may be said to have placed exact electrical measurement on a new basis.
  • GEORG SIMON OHM (1787-1854), German physicist, was born at Erlangen on the 16th of March 1787, and was educated at the university there.
  • The ammeter to be calibrated is placed in series with a suitable low resistance which may be �i ohm, �oi ohm, �ooi ohm or more as the case may be.
  • In Germany the work of Martin Ohm (System der Mathematik, 1822) marks a step forward.