Sentence Examples

  • He officiated at the coronation of the boy king Edward VI., and is supposed to have instituted a sinister change in the order of the ceremony, by which the right of the monarch to reign was made to appear to depend upon inheritance alone, without the concurrent consent of the people.
  • As certain sanctuaries, Shiloh, Shechem, Bethel, &c., grew in importance, the priesthoods that officiated at them would acquire special prestige.
  • After graduating at Cambridge (Emmanuel College) and taking holy orders, he officiated for several years as curate at Mitcham.
  • On the 30th of May the priests were once more sent for - to wit, his nephew, the abbe Mignot, the abbe Gaultier, who had officiated on the former occasion, and the parish priest, the cure of St Sulpice.
  • 835 B.C.; Ninib-mukin-ahi, 790-761 B.C.; Mande, 725 B.C.; Nabu-dini-epush, 704 B.C.; Ahi-ilai, 649 B.C., officiated as Eponyms for the year.