Sentence Examples

  • Just as petite women complain about pants that are too long and tops that are too roomy if they aren't sized for petite frames, tall women have just as many complaints when it comes to off-the-rack clothing.
  • This is not to say that off-the-rack coats are not flattering or fashionable, but there is a certain fusion of classic inspiration and modern updating that gives couture garments a very fresh, covetable feel.
  • Custom made children's clothing is the best way to get a perfect fit for your child, but beware, you're looking at a steep increase in price over off-the-rack garments.
  • Creative women who don't want the same off-the-rack clothing that everyone else is wearing might ask themselves, "Is there a place I can go to design my own clothes?"
  • Because designer jeans tend to run a little smaller than off-the-rack styles, many websites and sellers suggest buying one size larger than your original size.