Sentence Examples

  • The controversial onscreen actions paired with off-screen drama early in 2009 when Chris Engen who originated the adult role of Adam Wilson left The Young and the Restless citing unhappiness with the direction the role was taking.
  • It didn't take long for stories to emerge that Kate's on-screen chemistry with her You, Me, and Dupree co-star Owen Wilson was just as real off-screen, and the two had started a relationship.
  • Though many TV watchers thought the blonde bombshell was on some type of drug, leading to erratic behavior on and off-screen, no illegal drugs were found in her system at the time of death.
  • But the romantic tension between their characters on screen led to a great deal of off-screen speculation about a real relationship between the actors.
  • Much of the fascination with celebrity is rooted not in their dazzling performances on-screen, but with their blunders and bad behavior off-screen.