Sentence Examples

  • Diogenes Laertius in his account of the Stoics (vii.85, Tr] y OE - Opµrt y 4ao-c TO TO TripeEv EaITO) uses the phrase TnpEiv EavrO to describe the instinct for self-preservation, the inward harmony of Chrysippus, the recognition of which is auve1,50ves.
  • Cap,tale afPrno,oe, From the southern PHwX~ V~ ROOd O.,.na ~ 3 borders of Egypt to *b.,sIi., Ramp,, ---.
  • Thus ii AB, BC, CD represent the given loads, in the force-diagram, we construct the sides corresponding to OA, OB, OC, OD in the funicular; we then draw the closing line of the funicular polygon, and a parallel OE to it in the force diagram.
  • .-y:a::CF:CG::OE:OD,
  • Through any point 0 in this common perpendicular draw 0A1 parallel to B~C~ and OAi parallel to B2C,; make those lines pro B1 C2 portional to the angular velocities D ~ about the axes to which they are P respectively paiallel; complete the ~ B2 parallelogram OA1 EA2, and draw the diagonal OE; divide BiBf in D into C, two parts, inversely proportional to the angular velocities about the axes which they respectively adjoin; A2 through D parallel to OE draw DT.