Sentence Examples

  • (I) Son of Ampyx (or Ampycus) and the nymph Chloris, a Lapith of Oechalia in Thessaly.
  • On Hercules' return to Thebes he gave his wife Megara to his friend and charioteer Iolaus, son of Iphicles, and by beating Eurytus of Oechalia and his sons in a shooting match won a claim to the hand of his daughter Iole, whose family, however, except her brother Iphitus, withheld their consent to the union.
  • Finally Hercules attacks Eurytus, takes Oechalia and carries off Iola.
  • A similar story was told about the poem called the Taking of Oechalia (OiXaXias "AXwois), the subject of which was one of the exploits of Heracles.
  • Why have the works of Arctinus escaped the attraction which drew to the name of Homer such epics as the Cypria, the Little Iliad, the Thebaid, the Epigoni, the Taking of Oechalia and the Phocais.