Sentence Examples

  • There are some tools of the trade that will help you: a UV light scanner to detect bloods samples; a laser light to show you fingerprints, markings or other residue; and a gas spectrometer to detect foul odors like decaying flesh.
  • The proprietary Truman Cell electrostatically charges the smaller air particles, and uses dehydration, high-voltage and ionization to kill microbes.Air fresheners, candles and incense only mask the odors in your home.
  • A headache diary can be used to record the characteristics of headaches, including possible triggers, such as foods, weather changes, odors, mood, stressful situations, emotions, or menstrual phases.
  • These range from a simple bunch of scented flowers through to sophisticated digitally controlled home air conditioning systems that remove odors and add fragrance to the home automatically.
  • The basic ProShield model purifies the air in a 12' x 18' foot room, captures allergens and germs, requires no filter replacement, reduces volatile organic compounds and eliminates odors.