Sentence Examples

  • Two classes may be distinguished: the aldo-ketenes, including ketene itself, together with its monoalkyl derivatives and carbon suboxide, and the keto-ketenes which comprise the dialkyl ketenes.
  • The ketoketenes are coloured compounds, which undergo autoxidation readily, form ketene bases on the addition of pyridine and quinoline, and yield addition compounds with substances containing the C:N and C:0 groupings.
  • Ketene, CH, :CO, was discovered by N.
  • Dimethyli ketene, (CH3)2C :CO, obtained by the action of zinc on a-brom-isobutyryl bromide, is a yellowish coloured liquid.
  • Diethyl ketene, (C2H5)2C :CO, is formed on heating diethylmalonic anhydride (Staudinger, ibid.).