Sentence Examples

  • Sulphuretted hydrogen is a noxious impurity, and its complete removal from the gas is usually imposed by parliament.
  • This change, which is called eosinophilia, indicates the production of a noxious substance in the blood.
  • Muller to include cases of mutual resemblance between two or more noxious species inhabiting the same area.
  • Poisonous or noxious animals usually have some special advertising attribute, sometimes the display of conspicuous coloration, as in the skunk; sometimes the emission of sound as in the rattlesnake; sometimes a combination of the two, as in the common porcupine and the large black scorpions of Africa and India.
  • The system possessed the advantages of rapidity, being completed in about ten hours, and freedom from any noxious odour; but it yielded only a harsh, ill-spinning fibre, and consequently failed to meet the sanguine expectations of its promoters.