Sentence Examples

  • Newt having stirred Ripley's maternal instincts, it's the Battle of the Enraged Mothers.
  • Soon it is down to Ripley, Newt, the android Bishop (played by Lance Henriksen) and Corporal Hicks (Michael Beihn, who also played soldier of the future Kyle Reese in Cameron's earlier Terminator) to get away.
  • But the alien queen has hitched a ride on the landing craft, and just when Ripley and Newt have finished tucking the wounded Hicks into a hypersleep pod, she emerges to continue the battle.
  • They also find a sole survivor, the small girl who goes by the nickname 'Newt' (played by Carrie Henn).
  • Yet before they can effect their escape, Hicks is wounded and Newt is captured by the Queen Alien.